Dr. Boris Aranovich

Boris Aranovich has a PhD in alternative medicine, has 40 years of experience in the international health arena, he is a well-known health expert, a radio show host, author of 14 health books, a scientist (with 5 scientific studies) and has created 3 interactive health programmes and a number of innovative health methods.


1991 – Research at the Institute of Physical Education in St. Petersburg: “The power of mental training for sports performance.” 1997 – Research on the effects of “ideomotor” movements of brain rhythms at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA
2010 – Research at the Karolinska Institute: “Effects of a low-intensity electromagnetic field on fibroblast migration and proliferation.” Sweden , Stockholm
2011 – “Improvement of Human Health State after Short-Term Training of the Smart Breathe Method” Kina , Shenzhen
2013- Effects of Smart Breathe in Community Dwelling Elderly of New Delhi, India