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18th December 2017
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29th May 2018

Aquatone Advanced


Aquatone Advanced is the result of a discovery made by Russian scientists in 1995. The scientists discovered the ”language” of the water molecules of the body and that you can communicate with and alter this ”language”, which is nothing but the resonance wave of water molecules. This wave is very weak, only short of a centimeter in length.

Everything in matter is energy in movement, vibrating in a certain manner and with a specific frequency, or oscillations per second. The water molecule, as everything else in existence, is matter.

The human body consists of approximately 75 % of water. In this aquatic environment, all biochemical processes take place, such as the metabolism and all other biological processes, both physical and psychological. In other words, everything that goes on in the body takes place in the presence of water molecules. If there are health problems, the resonance frequency of the water molecules have deviated from the norm; be it complex diseases or facial wrinkles. When we age, the frequency of water molecules change in the body and the skin, resulting in health issues and dryer, more wrinkly skin. Read more here: or

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