29th May 2018

TrioMed CGI test


Triomed CGI is a portable therapeutic device, which you can carry in your pocket, for treatment and prevention, at any time, of various pathological conditions. Triomed CGI emits low-intensity electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency EHF, or so called millimeter waves (MMW) and infrared (IR) spectrum, for treatments of areas of the human body.

Introducing MMW therapy in complex treatments of various health problems enables a faster healing process, reduce the severity of side effect and has achieved positive clinical results in drug-resistant patients.

The device can be used to enhance the body’s health resources. The effects of MMW and infrared therapies have been clinically proven as anti-inflammatory and capable to activate healing processes, analgesic and anti-edematous activity, improve tissue regeneration, improve blood circulation, promote anti-stress and normalize the regulation of the autonomic nervous system.

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